April 2010

Week 235 “Loyalty”

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What if you knew something bad was going to happen? What if you were the only one of your circle of friends to realize that someone you love was going to suffer a great loss? That is kind of what this week’s Angel was about. Wesley has been working to decipher the prophecy and he […]

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Week 236 “Couplet”

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This week’s Angel is all about couples. We finally see Fred with the man of her choice. Cordelia’s with the Groosalugg and Angel is left to watch from the sidelines. It was a funny episode with lots of zings flying around. Lorne always has some funny lines and this episode is not exception. But I […]

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Week 237 “Waiting in the Wings”

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I love the beginning of the month. It’s when I get my grocery money. I have $250 a month to feed the two of us. It was pretty daunting at first. I went from spending whatever seemed right on groceries to having, literally $250 in cash for the month. After 15 months of living this […]

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Week 238 “Provider”

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As I said in my introductory post, my family is making the journey from debt to freedom and we know that it will take at least 238 weeks to do it. That’s a little over 4 years. To help mark each passing week, we are watching one episode of Joss Whedon television. We were already […]

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