May 2010

Week 231 “The Price”

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Week 231 was a hard one. Home, work, weather. It’s almost June and I still turn on my electric blanket each night. Work has been busy — in all the ways you want it to be. And when we get home, we just plop down on the couch, exhausted. We’re feeling every day of the […]

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Week 232 “Double or Nothing”

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I love Las Vegas. It is a town filled with potential. In fact, I think the town runs on potential. There is no tomorrow when you are in a casino. It’s all about escaping the past and making the present a better place. If you win, well then tomorrow will be a shiny happy place […]

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Week 233 “Forgiving”

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This has been a good week, not withstanding the crazy, dark bummer of an Angel episode. Connor, Angel’s son, has been whisked into another dimension by arch-enemy Holtz. Who helped that to happen? Wesley. In this episode we discover one of those things that should have been so easy to spot — the time traveling […]

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Week 234 “Sleep Tight”

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Week 234 has started off well. I get my monthly grocery money on the first of the month and I decided to splurge a little and buy the makings for homemade Chex Mix. Store bought Chex Mix is expensive and making it from scratch isn’t cheap, but it is cheaper than buying it ready-made. I’m […]

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