Our Vegan World

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Up until five months ago, if you had asked me if I could eat a vegan diet, I would have said “No way! Give up cheese?!” Yet here I am, happy, healthy and cheese-less. It has been an easy transition and I can only ask myself why it took so long. The damage to my […]

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Do You Need Home Contents Insurance?

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You have already purchased so many types of coverage, from homeowner’s or renter’s to extended warranties. Do you really need to consider adding a home contents insurance policy? If you have accumulated enough personal belongings that would be costly or difficult to replace, it might be a good idea to look into purchasing this sort […]

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Buying the Right Projector Screen for Your Home Theater

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If you are looking to create a home theater, the projector is going to cost you anywhere from $1,000 to around $7,000. Spend the bulk of your budget getting the best projector within your price range. The screen showing the image won’t be anywhere near that expensive and it doesn’t need to be. Good screens […]

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Know Before You Buy: Purchasing a Home Alarm

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A home should always provide the residents with a feeling of security. However, simple door and window locks are not enough to keep the home safe from any break-ins. An experienced burglar can easily find ways to get into a house if there is not a more sophisticated method of protecting the house present. Purchasing […]

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Things to know before buying a Home Security System

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Everyone wants to feel that his home is safe. With the growing consciousness of safety, there is also a growing demand for home security systems. Most home owners prefer the burglar alarm as a security measure to protect their homes from theft and robbery. Security alarms have been in place for a long time now […]

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Alarm Monitoring Basics

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For homeowners and families, home security is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Establishing a security system in your home can help to prevent intrusions and burglaries, as well as fires and other events that may put your home or family members at risk. This alarm monitoring post will discuss the various options […]

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Home Security Alarm

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If there is one place that we want to feel safe and secure, it is in our home. Our home is supposed to be a sanctuary for our families. We all would like to think we are safe and protected from intruders, but the truth is most of us are not. Each day there are […]

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