Our Vegan World

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Up until five months ago, if you had asked me if I could eat a vegan diet, I would have said “No way! Give up cheese?!” Yet here I am, happy, healthy and cheese-less. It has been an easy transition and I can only ask myself why it took so long. The damage to my […]

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Game Review: Castle Ravenloft

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If you are looking for a different board game for the family, take a look at the Wizards of the Coast board game Castle Ravenloft. The villains (including big bad himself, the vampire Strahd) are gray. Some monsters are brown; others are white. As you can see in the picture, the heroes are in blue. […]

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Slovenian Wine

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I love to travel and I love wine. A trip to Slovenia combines these two passions. Slovenia is in Central Europe, just north of Croatia. It borders Italy to the west and the Alps, to the north provide a natural dividing line between Slovenia and Austria. It is a beautiful country, with sharp snow covered […]

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