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A New Start

238 Weeks

I am a little behind on my 238 weeks postings, but I have a good reason. I quit my job. Yeah. Fiscally responsible me: I quit my job without another one lined up. It is a long story and there are many twists and turns. For now, here’s the condensed, ready for prime time version. […]

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Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

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Who would you be without your story? In every moment we tell the world our story — I’m poor; I’m dumb; I’m oppressed; I’m trapped. Have you ever thought about who you could be if you let go of that story? Just asking that question is a revolutionary act! And it is only the beginning. […]

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Personal Life Coaching

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Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? Moving fast but not forward? Maybe you need some personal coaching. Personal life coaching could help you identify what is really important, set some attainable goals and get yourself on track for the year. Coaches have been around for a long time and the field of […]

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