Christian Debt Relief vs. Standard Debt Relief

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Christian debt relief is an option for Christians to get out of debt according to Biblical principles that stay in line with their belief system. Standard financial freedom debt relief organizations are focused only on the law and the different methods of getting people out of debt. Both can work very well. But for believers, Christian debt consolidation or debt settlement might be the best choice as far as finances and peace of mind.

American debt relief needs are at an all-time high. The United States is facing a credit crisis that some think will far overshadow the recent housing crisis that threw us into a major recession. With millions of dollars worth of defaulted credit card debt and the high unemployment rates that are causing problems for so many people, the credit crisis is only bound to get worse. And for those who believe in the Bible and its principles, they know that debt is something that’s preached against over and over.

As long as a Christian owes money, he or she is said to have two masters. So it’s a very sound thing Biblically to work hard to pay off debts and avoid owing money as much as possible. This is where Christian debt settlement and debt consolidation services can help. These services, and sometimes private lawyers who operate by Biblical principles, can negotiate with credit card companies to lower debt or settle it for far less than is owed, all without violating any Biblical lessons.

The driving point behind Christian debt relief is to help you pay off your debts and honor them. It’s important to meet your commitments and learn to live within your budget, whatever that might be. Many Christian debt relief services not only work with your creditors to help lower your debt and get you out from under it faster, but they also counsel you to help you learn to stick to a budget and manage any future financial problems without incurring more debt.

You can get the same services from secular organizations and organizations that offer programs for non profit debt reliefs. But if you feel strongly about following Bible principles and managing your debt in a method that’s in line with what the Bible says about money, then a Christian debt relief organization is something you’ll want to look into. At the very least, you may be able to get a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments to help you get caught up and back on track. This will help improve your credit score because you’ll be able to make payments on time.

Christian debt consolidation can help you pay off all your credit card debt and make one loan payment monthly. Don’t skip the counseling that will help you avoid going back into debt. It’s all too easy to pay on the loan and run your credit card balances back up, which can be financially devastating. Christian debt settlement services can help you if you have the ability to pay a lump sum to your credit card companies. These services will negotiate with your creditors and allow you to pay off your debt for a fraction of what you owe. This will show up on your credit report and close your cards, so it’s a very final option but one to consider if you want to get out from underneath your debt according to Christian principles.

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