How Joss Whedon’s Going to Help Me Erase Debt

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Hi, my name’s Beth and my friends here at LifeVisions offered to let me share my family’s story of becoming debt free. Starting about 15 months ago, we decided to stop living paycheck to paycheck and get serious about money. Just recently we needed a boost and hit upon using Joss Whedon’s TV

shows as a way to help.

When we first started this journey, over a year ago, it was hard. We nailed down a written budget and trimmed our lifestyle way down. Gone were movie date nights, eating out, shoe shopping and gourmet dinners. In that first year, we paid off credit card debt and the second mortgage on the house. Small victories at first, but getting that notice from Bank of America saying that the secondary house loan was paid off was an amazing feeling.

Mr. JW

And then, last month, we hit a wall. The next debt we’re going to pay off will take just about 12 months — student loan debt. After that, the regular mortgage — which will take about 3 years. Looking down the barrel of 4 years of living this pared down lifestyle suddenly seemed less fun and more like a prison sentence. So we brainstormed ways to celebrate small victories. Marking 1,680 days off a calendar seemed silly, but when we broke the days into weeks, it seemed better. We have 238 weeks of living like no one else and we will have a clear debt slate. Which is not to say that we want to fill it up again!

The number 238 really made us feel that this was achievable, so we started thinking about small and free ways to celebrate each passing week.  We are fans of the writer and director Joss Whedon and we’re finally watching his series Angel after all these years. From where we are in Angel right now, through the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, through Dollhouse and Firefly is exactly 238 episodes of television, watching one a week.

It seemed like fate! We’re getting rid of credit card debt and Joss Whedon is going to help us.
Each week I’ll do a little write up on the week and the episode and we’ll see how this journey plays out. Thanks for reading.

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Serra September 6, 2010 at

I love this idea, though I tend to be a bit of a t.v. binger and don’t know if I would have the discipline to avoid watching multiple episodes at once. I’d like to hear some of the things you did to replace those old movie date nights and dinners out…how to keep that sense of fun and end of the week celebration without spending money. Thanks for a great posting!

Beth September 7, 2010 at

Hi Serra! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I totally understand the binge thing — we watched 5 seasons of “Lost” in about two months. That’s actually part of the fun of it is how slowly we have to go. And “Angel” is fun, but I have been wanting to rewatch “Buffy” for like, two years. So it will be more painful when we get to that show.
You have given me some great ideas for more posts. I’ll write about how to have fun for free (or for very little) this weekend. Or, at least how two middle-aged geeks have fun on very little $$$.

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