Week 207 and 206 “Sacrifice” and “Peace Out”

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Work continues to be great and exhausting. I am now, after two months, getting to a place where I feel like I know what I am doing (at least a little bit) but we missed out on an Angel episode last week so we watched two, back to back, to catch up.

“Sacrifice” was an interesting episode. The theme is sacrifice for love and family. Angel holds the door to allow the others to escape the hotel after Connor (stupid Connor, as we like to call him) betrays them to Jasmine when they tried to break her spell on him. At first we thought that it didn’t work because he shares blood with Jasmine, but later we learn the horrible truth — Connor has always seen Jasmine’s true face. Angel, as he holds the door to keep Connor and the mindless horde of Jasminites, urges them to go so that someone who knows the truth will survive. Of course, because he’s the hero, Angel survives the fight and the whole gang (oops! we forgot Cordelia) escapes.

Connor has not forgotten Cordelia. We see him by her bedside and Jasmine comes in and asks for time alone. We are all a little nervous about that — viewers and Connor alike — but what can you do? Later, we find that Cordelia is gone. And again, we all think the same thing — Jasmine ate her! But Jasmine denies that and well, I guess why would she lie, right?

Meanwhile the gang goes underground and finds a group of homeless kids living and fighting in the sewers. They fight a really gross insect-like monster. Wesley is captured and it is a wee bit far-fetched that he’s not killed instantly by the creature, but what can you do? I like the monster anyway. He is an ill-tempered guy with a mission. Fred and Gunn, in rescuing a child, inadvertently bring Jasmine back to the sewer hideout. Jasmine’s powers are such now that she sees through the eyes of her followers and they can, in turn, infect others. Sooner than you can say “Aw hell,” the gang is fleeing from the homeless kids.

Wesley finds a clue and the episode ends with Wesley parroting Angel’s words back at him — he urges Angel to enter the portal and find Jasmine’s true name. And zoom: here we are at episode 21 of the season — “Peace Out.” These were two good episodes to watch back to back, so we didn’t miss a thing! Again, I liked the monsters in this one. Angel has to deal with the keeper of the word (As in Jasmine’s name) but first he has to deal with the guardian who protects the keeper of the word. As Debbie said, kind of a “Who’s on First” bit in the middle of this tense scene. 

The action got intense enough that I completely forgot whose name I had seen at the opening credits — Stephanie Romanov. Where oh where will dead Lilah make an entrance? She is so great! Got to love such an all-embracing bad guy. And there she is at the very end, to remind everyone of what they have accomplished — they destroyed the world’s chance for peace. And, yeah if you look at it from one angle, and, well no, is peace worth the price of giving up free will? We don’t think so, but maybe we are wrong. But thanks to the evil lawyer for pointing out the downside of the situation.

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