Week 209 “Shiny Happy People”

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This is week 209 and the Angel episode is “Shiny Happy People”. What intrigued me about this episode is how quickly everyone, even Wesley, is enthralled by the higher being (as yet unnamed). All the past falls away in her presence. They all forget how the being got here — the pain, suffering and death that preceded the birth. None of that matters as they bask in her light and Gina Torres is so beautiful that we find ourselves going along with it all. Maybe, somehow, she is good and all of the horror of the Beast was just how it had to be to allow this good and beautiful being back into our physical plane…. Sure, yeah. It could be, right?

The first hint we get is after the bowling alley attack. One guy says that she’s a monster and tries to attack her. Wha? we wonder, as Angel handily takes the guy down. Angel is kept from killing him only with the intervention of the higher being. OK and that is decidedly not an Angel move. He is not one to kill a human so thoughtlessly.

At first Gina Torres (how annoying that she does not have a name!) seems to allow the group to be their very best. They kick some serious butt around LA, taking down bad guy after bad guy, but I’m thinking, well she’s just getting rid of the competition! Fred is the only one who seems a bit off. She’s obsessed with getting the higher being’s shirt blood stain free. She finally relents and buys a new one. When she goes to present it to her, Fred has a horrible vision — what she sees when she looks at Gina Torres is very different than what everyone else (including Fred up to this point) sees.

At this point, the higher being is beginning to make her presence known. She goes for a walk and people follow her back to the hotel. Of course I find parallels with my life and our journey to get out of debt and this episode. When you finally make the shift from being in debt and accepting debt as a natural part of your day, when you shift, you suddenly feel a little off kilter from the rest of the world. The rest of the world thinks nothing of a Kardashian sisters credit card — or maybe they roll their eyes, but they don’t think it is wrong. I feel like Fred sometimes. We watch TV and the ads are just bizarre — the way that advertisers work to manipulate us into buying certain products. If you are coming from a different mindset, it feels both obvious and insidious. Credit card debt should not the norm and as more people ask How do I clear credit card debt? the better!

Do we feel as alone as Fred? Sometimes, but of course our position is not at dangerous as Fred’s. First we have each other and a ton of other people in the world who agree that debt is dumb. Lots of people, as we’ve discovered, want to clear debt. Fred, on the other hand, goes to the person she feels will understand — Wesley — and tells him what she saw. He thinks she’s been ensorceled. We know that, in fact, Fred is awake.

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