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Is it ironic that the first Angel episode I missed writing up was “Awaking” just about the time I was giving notice at my old job and starting to search for new work? I have missed a few write-ups as you can see. But I think my life is back to some semblance of order. And it was an awakening of a sort. I had been very happy and then complacent at work. In the last year, though, things had gotten stressful. I wasn’t happy. I can remember the exact moment when I knew it was time for me to go and the relief that flooded through my body that day — well, I knew it was the right thing to do. Sometime maybe I will bore you with the whole story….

It might work out well to discuss these episodes in an arc — but then I am always one to make lemonade out of lemons. A lot happens in these episodes — Angelus comes back and we realize we have a second, worse Big Bad to contend with. Something, someone is controlling the Beast! Having Angelus come back is a risky move — but with the sun gone, the gang is desperate for an answer.

“Soulless” continues with an evil Angel caged up in the basement. He’s doing what he does best — looking for a weak spot where he can put some pressure and manipulate his captors. The larger plans of the Beast and its Master begin to become clear. An ancient line of priestesses is murdered. One more line of defense gone in their fight against the ultimate evil.

“Calvary” is one weird episode. Lots happens. We see Lilah show up and get bested by Angelus. The gang attempts a spell to put Angel’s soul back and it seems to work. But nah, not really. And who is a Miss Evil-Pants? Cordelia! When she kills Lilah we were so upset. I had hope that somehow Lilah would have a chance to redeem herself. And, who knows? Maybe she did, in a way. Wesley certainly mourns for her.

“Salvage” is the next episode and I for one was excited to get a Slayer back in the mix. Wesley, ever the man with a plan, goes to see Faith and when she hears about Angelus, she breaks out of jail. Watching Faith try to take on the Beast is hard to watch. The damned thing is practically indestructible. It looks bad, until chaos enters in the form of Angelus. He kills the Beast with his own dagger — the one used to kill Lilah.

“Release” is next. The gang is confused. Happy that the sun is back; happy that Angelus killed the Beast. But come on! What is going on? They are demoralized and worried about the person behind the Beast — um, Cordelia, in case you forgot and oh, she’s pregnant. It is perfect because Connor is such a child in so many ways. He grew up in a hell dimension — how would he know how long a pregnancy lasts? The episode ends on a grim note. Angelus and Faith fight and Faith gets a big chunk of neck taken out by Angelus. And the episode ends. What?!?!

“Orpheus” is a fun episode and not just because of Willow. Squee! Willow is on my TV! I miss her. And I love the interplay of Willow and evil Cordelia as Willow is blithely comforting Cordelia and a hair’s breath away from being murdered.  I love the plan Wesley and Faith put together — the drug called Orpheus — to ensnare Angelus. Great acting. Lots of action.

“Players” is a transition piece but it is great to let Gunn have some of the spotlight. And I like Gwen, the electric girl. It smelled fishy from the start, but then I don’t trust Gwen so of course I suspected. In the meantime we have a few scenes of evil Cordy trying to still act “normal.” As if she could wearing that black lacy weird outfit. Sure, no evil mastermind here!

“Inside Out” surprised me. I certainly hadn’t expected to see Darla. And doubly, I really, really thought that Connor would pull through and do the right thing. Ha, was I wrong. Cordelia gets more and more evil — hatching a plan to expedite her pregnancy with the blood of a virgin. In the meantime, we get to hear from Skip (I thought he was a good guy!) that this was planned a long time ago. I love how Wesley saves Fred. Nice shooting, Hoss.

And that gets us caught up. Not exactly how I envisioned it — but this week we get to find out what the hell Gina Torres is doing as a Big Bad.

In other news, we have not done the debt snowball for two months now — October and November — but I am not concerned. Our income is climbing back to its former height and then we will go beyond it! Being frugal is a way of life and we are both SO MUCH MORE happy at our new jobs, compared to the old ones that any slight discomfort is gotten over quickly.

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